The Historical Military Museum "Vidotto", is the only museum in Italy in which you can go inside real tanks used during combat time.


A brief description of the members of our team, for further information and photos together with our mascot come to visit us.

Simonetta Vidotto

Mrs Simonetta, daughter of the Director, Mr Franco Vidotto, has obtained a B.S. in Economics. For the Museum she manages the comunication and marketing campaigns, further she is in charge of the administrative sector.

Franco Vidotto

Mr Franco Vidotto, after a pluriannual experience of gathering militaria objects, thanks to a huge passion for military history, has decided to open the Historical Military Museum "Vidotto" in the 2014 in Jesolo (VENICE). He served in the Corps of the Bersaglieri, at the 8th regiment, dismissed in the 1969, was awarded with the degree of Knight Grand Cross of Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.


Black is the mascot of the Museum, german sheperd is the friend of all the visitors.